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220V 880W Angle Grinder


Voltage: 110V/220V

Rated Power: 880W

No-load Speed: 0-11000rpm

Disc Diameter: 100/115/125mm



- Highly efficient and powerful 880W motor with excellent cutting performance

- Install 100/115/125mm disc, side safety switch, 6 speed adjustable

- Ergonomic Handle: The accessory handle can be mounted in 2 positions to provide a comfortable grip and reduce fatigue during long-term use.

- Multiple safety features: including anti-start switch, overheat protection and overload protection to ensure safe use.

- Locking pin system for easy and fast disc changes

- Adjustable angle guard: The guard angle is adjustable to increase safety and flexibility during use.

- Accessory handle can be installed in 2 positions to reduce vibration and reduce fatigue when working for long periods of time

- High-quality materials: Made of durable materials that can withstand high-intensity working environments and frequent use.

- Dust-proof design: Effective dust-proof design protects the motor and internal components and extends the life of the tool.

220V 880W Angle Grinder220V 880W Angle Grinder220V 880W Angle Grinder220V 880W Angle Grinder220V 880W Angle Grinder



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