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Corded Circular Saw

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1200W Corded Circular Saw


No-load Speed: 4500rpm/min

Rated Power: 1200W/1350W

Cutting Ability: 90° : 55mm45° : 32mm

Blade Diameter: 160mm



- High-power all-copper motor, all-copper enameled wire, anti-overload, anti-burning machine greatly improves service life and adjustable angle

- Automatic rebound shield provides 180° comprehensive protection to prevent trouble caused by sparks and dust splashing

- The stainless steel thickened bottom plate is integrated into the bottom plate, not easy to deform, strong and durable, ensures stable cutting of the machine.

- Continuously variable speed switch, press to adjust the speed, control the speed according to the strength of the press to improve efficiency

- One-key forward and reverse rotation, one-key switching between forward and reverse rotation

- Multi-dimensional holes for three-dimensional heat dissipation, preventing machine burn-in during long-term operation

- Comfortable handle, ergonomic rubber handle

1200W Corded Circular Saw



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