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680W Corded Drill


Voltage: 220V

Rated power: 680W

Speed: 3000RPM/min

Rated frequency: 50HZ



- Increased Drilling Power: This drill delivers more power to tackle even the toughest jobs.

- 3/8 inch Keyless Chuck: The drill features a convenient keyless chuck with a size of 3/8 inch, allowing for easy bit changes without the need for additional tools.

- Variable Speed: With a variable speed range of 0-3000 RPM, you have precise control over the drilling speed, enabling you to match it to your specific requirements.

- Lock-on Feature: The trigger has a lock "on" button, which is useful for extended drilling tasks or repetitive hole projects. It allows you to maintain a steady drilling motion without continuously holding the trigger.

- Belt Clip: The drill is equipped with a belt clip, providing a convenient way to carry it around while keeping your hands free.

- Speed Control Dial: The speed control dial is located on the trigger, enabling quick adjustments to the drilling speed with just one hand.

- Positive Lock Chuck: The keyless chuck ensures a positive lock when tightened down, providing a secure grip on the drill bits and preventing slippage during operation.

- 6' Cord Length: The drill comes with a 6-foot long cord, giving you a comfortable range of distance to move around and reach various areas during your home improvement projects.

Corded Drill

Corded Drill

Corded Drill



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