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12V 10mm Cordless Drill


Rated Voltage: 12V

Battery Capacity: 1.3Ah/1.5Ah

No-load Speed: 0-350/0-1450rpm

Max Torque: 32N·m

Chuck Size: 0.8-10mm



Compact and ergonomic design,ideal for working with one hand in tight spaces

High-strength、shock-resistant、rubber-coated body design buffers work vibrations and protects equipment from damage caused by falling, etc.

High-performance motor, providing a maximum torque of 32N·m

18-speed torque adjustment, capable of screwing and drilling

2-Speed mechanical speed adjustment, suitable for high-speed or high-power occasions

Three-claw self-locking chuck, which can hold drill bits or bit set within a diameter of 10mm

High performance 12V 1.3Ah battery pack

Led work light,can work in dark area also

12V 10mm Cordless Drill12V 10mm Cordless Drill12V 10mm Cordless Drill

12V 10mm Cordless Drill



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