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12V 20N·m Cordless Drill


Rated Voltage: 12V

Battery Capacity: 1.3Ah

Rotary No-load Speed: 0-350/0-1350rpm

Max Torque: 20N·m

Chuck Size: 0.8-10mm



2 Speed switch - low speed suitable screwdriver, high speed suitable for drilling.

21+1 clutch settings provide precise control for driving in/out screws. 

Large capacity battery. The cordless drill is equipped with 1 pcs 12V 1300mAh Lithium-Ion batteries with a capacity indicator.

Forward and reverse swith. The switch allows screws to drive or unscrew with convenience.

Led lighting can illuminate dark working areas.

Perfect work in wood, ceramics, drywall, plastics, and even metal with ease.

12V 20N·m Cordless Drill12V 20N·m Cordless Drill12V 20N·m Cordless Drill12V 20N·m Cordless Drill



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