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HSS Straight Handle Twist Drill


Diameter: Φ0.3-20mm

Material: HSS/HSSE-Co

Technology: rolled/Grinding

Drill head Angle: 118°/130°/135°, etc.



Twist drills can be used to cut hard metals such as stainless steel and cast iron, as well as softer materials

We can produce straight-shank twist drill bits made of high-speed steel or cobalt-containing high-speed steel to meet different application scenarios.

Diameter Φ0.3-20mm optional, please see our size parameter table for details

Our twist drill bits comply with DIN338 specifications

You can match the suit combinations of different diameters according to your needs

Straight handle twist drill Fits standard drill chucks and regular round chuck chucks

Straight Handle Twist Drill

Straight Handle Twist Drill

Straight Handle Twist Drill



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