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How to Use Angle Grinder on Concrete?

Dec. 15, 2023

How to Use Angle Grinder on Concrete?

An angle grinder is a versatile power tool commonly found in construction sites and workshops, known for its various uses in cutting and grinding tasks. Among these tasks, grinding concrete is one of its significant applications.

Concrete, being a tough and abrasive material, requires the right tools for efficient handling. Angle grinders prove to be among the most effective tools for concrete grinding, facilitating the process of smoothing surfaces and enhancing visual appeal.

Essential Tools for Grinding Concrete:

- Angle grinder: Opt for a blade of 4-7 inches in diameter, accompanied by a dust shroud and diamond polishing pads or suitable alternatives.

- Safety gear: Wear protective equipment including a mask, goggles, and appropriate clothing, and consider using kneepads for floor work.

- Cleanup materials: Vacuum, mop, or broom to tidy up post-grinding.

- Appropriate grinding discs: Select abrasive discs compatible with your grinder size for efficient performance.

Step-by-Step Guide for Concrete Grinding:

1. Prepare the Surface: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface. Sweep away debris, and remove stubborn stains, ensuring a clean slate for grinding.

2. Setup Angle Grinder: Divide the floor into manageable sections for better maneuverability. Attach the appropriate wheel or pad to the grinder and ensure safety equipment is worn.

3. Commence Grinding: Use the angle grinder to smooth the concrete surface, considering smaller tools for hard-to-reach areas. Experts recommend starting from the edges and progressing in circular motions.

4. Rectify Imperfections: After grinding, inspect the floor for any uneven sections. Re-grind as necessary, ensuring a consistent surface finish.

5. Final Cleanup: Remove the dust shroud for better traction and thoroughly clean the area using a vacuum or mop to eliminate residual dust.

Safety Measures Using an Angle Grinder:

■ Maintain a firm grip on the tool to prevent kickbacks during operation.

■ Ensure the guard on the grinder is intact and work in a safe environment.

■ Wear appropriate gloves and take regular breaks to prevent fatigue.

■ Protect your eyes with safety glasses to avoid debris or sparks.

■ Use protective face masks to mitigate inhaling dust particles.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Angle grinders offer mobility and precision for intricate tasks, especially in hard-to-reach areas around fixtures. However, their limitations in size, comfort during prolonged use, and efficiency in cooling down during concrete grinding are notable drawbacks.

While angle grinders possess the capability to cut concrete, their smaller size makes them less efficient for larger concrete leveling tasks compared to dedicated floor grinders.


Angle grinders serve as powerful handheld tools for effective concrete grinding, primarily suited for detailed tasks. However, for larger concrete grinding projects, dedicated floor grinders equipped with water attachments offer superior performance and efficiency.

For further inquiries or information on concrete grinding techniques with an angle grinder, feel free to reach out to us. We're always available to assist!

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