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Angle Grinder & Metal Working

Diverse Applications of Angle Grinders in Metalworking

Angle grinders serve as indispensable tools in the realm of metalworking, excel in tackling demanding metalworking endeavors effortlessly. Metalworking angle grinders offer a multitude of applications that streamline various tasks with efficiency and precision. From basic grinding and cutting to intricate tasks like surface cleansing and shining, these angle grinders for metalworking prove indispensable in metal manipulation. With specialized attachments, the versatility of angle grinders truly shines. 

Here's an exploration of their applications in metalworking:

Metal Grinding:

Angle grinders, true to their name, adeptly grind various materials, including metal. Employ a grinding wheel or abrasive flap disc to mold metal effortlessly, achieving desired surface finishes with ease.

Metal Cutting:

With the right cutting disc, metal cutting angle grinders swiftly slice through bolts, rods, or pipes prevalent in diverse industries.

Metal Surface Cleansing:

Angle grinders are instrumental in purging metal surfaces of impurities. Employ a range of metal grinding tools, such as wire wheels and strip discs, to rid your work of stubborn debris.

Metal Polishing:

Utilize the high RPMs of angle grinders to not only cut and grind but also to polish metals to a pristine sheen. Finish any task swiftly by attaching a polishing angle grinder discs to your angle grinder.

Metal Blending:

Angle grinder accessories like surface conditioning discs simplify the blending and refining of metals, camouflaging flaws like discoloration common in metalworking processes.

Rust and Paint Removal:

Angle grinders equipped with stripping wheels efficiently eradicate rust and old paint from various metals. Abrasive synthetic fibers target loose particles, swiftly eliminating them.

Mill Scale Removal:

Combat the challenges posed by iron oxide by employing angle grinders with silicon carbide semi-flex discs, nylon or metal wire brushes, or strip discs to eliminate mill scale.

Metal Deburring:

Resolve irregularities and ridges, known as burrs, commonly produced during metalworking processes. Professional angle grinders, equipped with suitable angle grinder wheels, are employed to manually remove burrs, ensuring impeccable product quality.

Choose Between Cordless or Corded Angle Grinders


Opt for cordless angle grinders for on-the-go convenience, equipped with top-notch features: adjustable speed, electronic brake, and anti-kickback mechanism for added safety during unexpected tool jams.

All cordless models boast brushless EC motors, ensuring heightened efficiency and extended durability.


With power ranging from 900 to 2600 watts, our corded angle grinders are versatile for any task at hand.

Featuring options with or without variable speed control, and safety enhancements like a vibration-dampening side handle and anti-kickback mechanism.


1. Can angle grinders be used for cutting concrete?

Yes, angle grinders equipped with diamond blades are suitable for cutting concrete and masonry.

2. Are angle grinders dangerous to use?

Like any power tool, angle grinders can be dangerous if not used properly. It's essential to follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear.

3. Can angle grinders be used for polishing metal surfaces?

Yes, angle grinders can be fitted with polishing pads and compounds to achieve a shiny finish on metal surfaces.

4. What precautions should I take when using an angle grinder?

Always wear safety goggles, gloves, and ear protection. Ensure the workpiece is securely clamped, and avoid excessive pressure while operating the grinder.

5. Can angle grinders be used for cutting ceramic tiles?

Yes, angle grinders equipped with diamond blades can cut ceramic tiles effectively.

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