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180mm 1250W Corded Sander


Voltage: 220V

Rated power: 1250W

No-load Speed: 0-3000rpm

Wheel Diameter 180mm



- The Prostormer drywall sander is equipped with a dust bag and has automatic vacuum system, so it can be self-cleaning with dust bag, to make a better dust removal performance

- Ergonomically Designed rubberized handle can increase the friction between it and the palm, making the machine not easy to slip from the hand

- Powerful motor can provide sufficient power for the machine, expanding its use range: made to sand, grind and polish drywall, interior walls, exterior walls, ceiling, and floors; clearing floor residue; remove residue, adhesive, paint coatings, adhesives and loose plaster; etc

- 6 Different Speeds&Locking Switch, adjustable suction, cooperatewith dust bag to remove duststrongly. Locking switch enable keep one speed without pressing continuously to reduce workload and more convenient to use

180mm 1250W corded sander

180mm 1250W corded sander

180mm 1250W corded sander

180mm 1250W corded sander

180mm 1250W corded sander



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